Starting Training

In order to train at this class you must:

  • - Comply with the Bujinkan guidelines
  • - Be aged 16 or over
  • - Become insured (see below)
  • - Comply with the legal conditions outlined below

What do you need to do to start?

You can do any of the following:

  • - Come along to watch
       (I would suggest arriving during the class so that you see it in "full swing")
  • - Email us with any questions
  • - Come along and join in a class
  •    If you intend to join in the class, you must send off your insurance form first 
  •    You should wear some old loose clothes that you do not mind getting a bit ruffled
  •    and bare feet or socks
  • There are always several people beginning their training (about 1/2 the class) so it is never a bad time to start.

Becoming Insured

All you have to do is:

  • Print out the form here, fill it in and send it off (by post) with £10 to the address at the bottom of the form. This will provide you with insurance for a year. Once you have sent the form you are insured, there is no need to wait for a reply.

Legal Conditions

Before participating in any classes or practicing activities related to the martial art, you should have a certified adult martial arts instructor present, consult with a parent or guardian, consult your physician, ensure that you have appropriate and valid insurance and agree to be of legal age and competent to act and use responsibly. You should be aware that if you practice or study any martial arts or self defence indirectly or directly related to Bujinkan training, you are doing so entirely at your own risk which includes: any past, present or future physical, medical or psychological pain or injury whatsoever that you may incur or receive. When training you may receive pain and injury.

By viewing or participating in the martial art or practising or viewing any of the material associated with it, it is agreed by you, in full, that the club, its instructors and its members are released of any and all liability, nor does the club, its instructors and its members assume any third party liability arising out of any legal actions you may be involved in as a result of the training you receive by engaging, participating or learning the martial art or any third party related to same.

The club, its instructors and its members cannot be responsible for any instructors, clubs or groups' claims, instructional strategies, materials, training methods, or consequences that may arise by studying or purchasing their materials and can make no recommendations as to the quality or legal nature of their instructional programs or information presented.

By training with the club, its instructors and its members, viewing any educational material or any similar communications from the club, its instructors and its members you agree not to misuse any materials shown and forever release the club, its instructors and its members, but not limited to, from now until the end of time should any loss or injury occur to yourself or any other party

You also agree in full that self defence is to be used as a last resort, only to protect your life or another from being seriously injured or possibly killed. If you do not understand this legal notice and disclaimer releasing the club, its instructors and its members of "Any" and "All" liabilities, than you agree in full to contact the club secretary and/or instructors via or in person at a class for any questions or issues you may want clarified or resolved prior to training or viewing any of the materials provided to you. If you fail to do so, and any law suit occurs from you or any other party, you agree to pay "All" of the club, its instructors or any of its members legal fees in full to include any other lawsuits directed against you or any other party brought by the club, its instructors or its members

Useful Equipment (none of this is compulsory)

  • - Black karate gi
  • - White martial arts belt
  • - Indoor tabi shoes/socks
  • - Wooden or padded bokken (training sword)
  • - Wooden or rubber tanto (training knife)
  • - Wooden or padded hanbo (3ft stick)
  • Please note thatĀ if you intend to train on the last training of the month then it is a good idea to bring some training weapons to make sure that you get the most out of the class

This equipment is available at most martial arts shops, try: