Ninjutsu Black Belt

Main Instructor

  • Training in the Bujinkan arts since 1990

  • Studying every year in Japan since 1993

  • Experience of several other systems & actively cross trains

  • Still a student, still training hard & still developing

​I began training in martial arts at the age of 13, initially studying various modern arts that were generally available in the UK. However, I always felt something was missing in these systems as I wanted a style that fully integrated all aspects of fighting and self defence.


In 1990 (when I started at university) I had the opportunity to try out all the various martial arts classes on offer at the time. Nothing was quite right for me until I stumbled across a small group training in the traditional Japanese martial arts of the Bujinkan. I'd never experienced anything like it! I was bowled over by the technique, practicality, philosophy and informal culture. So I began studying in the Bujinkan school under the kind but extremely painful tutelage of Peter King & Phil McNulty.

In 1993 I travelled to Japan to train with the heir of the Bujinkan traditions Dr Hatsumi and his senior students for the first time. Since then I have trained in Japan every year and have visited Japan over 35 times to learn this amazing art. In addition to this I saw Hatsumi-sensei several times a year when he visited Europe to teach seminars. Sadly in 2003 he stopped travelling abroad to teach.

My objective is to transmit the teachings of Dr Hatsumi / the Bujinkan to the members of the club. I believe that any martial artist must focus equally on technique and practical application and that this is the essence of the old style martial arts that from the Bujinkan.