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ninjutsu philosophy

Training Methods

Our focus is to develop practical skills for self defence whilst respecting the traditions from which we draw our techniques.

AND we strive to achieve this in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

As a result we train quite differently from most traditional martial arts styles. For example our training incorporates exercises for the student to learn how to deal with a fully resisting opponent. We also train to utilise and defend against modern attacks and techniques seen in other systems of martial arts.

On the other hand our approach differs from that used by modern, sports based styles in that we do not train for competitions or practice free sparring. This allows us to retain the focus on self defence without exposing students to unnecessary risk of injury.

The martial art fully integrates all aspects of fighting from Day1. The curriculum includes the following:

  • Safe ways to fall and avoid injury

  • Striking techniques and defences

  • Grappling, joint locks, throws and ways to immobilise an opponent

  • Escapes from chokes, holds and pins

  • Modern defences against weapons (eg knife defences or use of sticks)

  • Traditional weapons training (eg sword or bojutsu)

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